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  • Psychological / Neuropsychological Evaluations 
  • Forensic and Court Related Evaluations
  • Autism Assessment and Programs
  • Therapy and Treatment for most Mental Health Issues

        - Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar,  PTSD, OCD
        - ADHD, ODD, Conduct and Anger Problems  
        - Personality Disorders
        - Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues
        - Autism Groups and Classes
        - Relationship Problems

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Psychology Specialists 
of Oklahoma
(405) 242-6460

Jamestown Office Park - North Building
3035 NW 63rd., Suite 227
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

Psychological & Neuropsychological Evaluations | Counseling, Treatment & Therapy Options | Forensic/Court Services | Autism Programs
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Psychology Specialists of Oklahoma, PLLC
Jamestown Office Park - North Building
3035 NW 63rd., Suite 227
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

Ph: (405) 242-6460
Fax: (405) 212-4463
The psychological evaluation I received not only helped my physician decide if medication was needed, but more importantly helped me realize my strengths and areas I need to address through therapy." 
Your concerns deserve the attention of professionals with the highest level of education, training and experience! 
The office staff at Psychology Specialists dealt directly with my insurance to make sure I was covered for therapy and my treatment would go smoothly without also worrying about unexpected costs." 

After scheduling with our office and receiving login by e-mail, new and exising patients can access intake forms, appointment information, and evaluation reports through our Patient Portal by clicking here: